Our Process

Our team of seasoned experts has designed an efficient process to satisfy today's investors.  ReadyCap Commercial provides fast closings and a team dedicated to concierge-like personal attention.  Here's what to expect.

  • Loan Officer and Borrower talk loan terms and rate quote

  • Loan Officer may issue a letter of intent

  • Prepare loan application and gather loan documents required for a full submission - give to Loan Officer to submit to credit 

  • Loan Commitment provided - Borrower receives loan commitment letter with terms subject to the appraisal (typically 5 days from full submission)

  • Day 1:  Check received and appraisal is ordered

  • Day 15:  Borrower provides any additional requested documents to ReadyCap

  • Day 20:  Appraisal and third-party reports are all received*

  • As Early As Day 30:  Congrats - loan closes

*Subject to third parties.