Bridge FAQs

What is a bridge loan?

A bridge loan is a loan for a property that is not cash flowing, to “bridge” the borrower from the un-stabilized property to a conventional stabilized loan.

What kind of bridge loans do you do?

We lend on empty buildings, buildings with high vacancies, discounted payoffs, and rehabs (no ground-up construction).  We will lend up to 75% of total project cost and offer superior execution.

What is your maximum leverage?

We will go to 75% of cost on a bridge loan in a Tier 1 market.

Do you do bridge loans on a non-recourse basis?


Do you do bridge loans for foreign nationals?


Will you do rehab?

Yes, as long as the property has a Certificate of Occupancy.

Will you do a bridge loan on ground-up construction?


Will you do a bridge loan for a borrower with poor credit or low liquidity?

No, our bridge borrowers should be strong.  It is the property that is distressed in a bridge scenario.

Do your loans include an interest reserve?

Yes, for the full term of the loan.

Do you have a minimum occupancy?

No, the property can be empty, although we will look at the cash flow on the take-out.

Will you do cash out on a bridge loan?

Yes, if the project supports the request.

What are the fees on a bridge loan?

We charge a $2000 to $7500 processing fee.

Do you collect any up-front fees?

No, we do not collect fees until your loan receives loan commitment, generally 3-5 days from submission of a full package.