Apartments have proven to be a nearly recession-proof asset class, and more borrowers than ever are looking for financing.  Despite the availability of capital on the market, not all programs meet each borrower’s unique needs.  ReadyCap delivers flexible terms on apartment loans you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Discover how ReadyCap is lending differentlyTM by providing the following terms:

  • Stabilized rates and terms
  • Non-recourse available
  • Hold-back and earn-outs
  • Cash out
  • Foreign national borrower
  • No minimum FICO in Tier 1 Markets
  • Up to 10-year fixed terms
  • Common-sense underwriting and flexibility

Available in major markets nationwide, our Apartment loans from $500,000 to $10,000,000 cover 5+ unit multifamily properties.  ReadyCap's Apartment financing is designed specifically to exceed the expectations of the experienced borrower.

  • Leverage up to 75% of value
  • Purchase, refinance or cash-out
  • 6 month PITI liquidity required
  • 1.20x DSCR

ReadyCap offers a common-sense underwriting approach that takes into consideration all factors of the deal.  We pride ourselves on delivering five-star, concierge-like service, with swift closings.

Download our Apartment lending flyer, or give us a call today: 888-354-0822.