Sales Brokers

Most commercial brokers have lost a sale (or two, or three…) over the last few years due to a lender failing last-minute to commit, or retrading terms, or stopping their lending program.  At ReadyCap, we know the most important thing to you is speed and certainty of execution.  This is why ReadyCap offers up-front loan commitment in 3-5 days from submission of a complete file. Our loan officer will go to the property, do a site visit, submit the full file to credit, and hand-deliver to your client a commitment letter in mere days without charging the client anything until third-party reports are ordered.  

We are not a private money lender, and offer long term fixed rates at much higher leverage than most banks.  We welcome the opportunity to get your deals closed, are you ready?  Give us a call today.

Some brokers ask, do you offer a referral fee?  Yes!  We will pay a brokerage directly once they have submitted for broker approval.  Please reach out to the loan officer in your market directly for more details. 

The following documents must be submitted to ReadyCap from Brokers seeking approval for a referral fee:

  • Fully completed and signed Broker Application 
  • Copies of current state business and broker or lenders license
  • Completed IRS Form W-9 

Completed applications may be mailed to:

ReadyCap Commercial, LLC
ATTN: Broker Approval Department
114 Pacifica, Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92618