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Finally, a nonbank lender that gives you straight talk and quick turnaround on your deals, and a place for your hard-to-source commercial financing. ReadyCap combines up-front approvals, common-sense underwriting, speed of execution, and flexible loan products with an extraordinary experience. Get paid faster with less hassle. ReadyCap is broker-friendly, offering rates at par and allowing you to submit for payment by the borrower on the HUD at closing. We value repeat business and work to earn your future transactions. 

We are not a private money lender and do consider the credit quality of both the borrower and the property. Think of us on your deals that just-miss the banks' credit box, and need a little more explanation. Perhaps the deal requires higher leverage than the banks, or the borrower has a story - we welcome the opportunity to review your scenarios and get your deals closed quickly. Give us a call today at 888-354-0082.

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California Finance Lender License #603K032
South Dakota Licensed Mortgage Lender ML.05088